Inside the Enigma cipher machine

Something to play with

I am not sure whether I should do what I’m about to or not. But maybe for the record and for clarity I ought to upload the application that I’ve created. Probably I owe You this. Enigma 3D version 0.0.1. But personally I’d use a minus sign in the version number. -10.0.0 would be more appropriate. Why? I simply do not consider it a work well done. Even more – I consider it a work badly done. And there is no false modesty honestly. No tooltips. No localization. No tips on how to use it. No cursor changes on hovers. No help. It eats whole processor and takes a lot of RAM. Ugly looks. Ugly textures. No or poor...

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First impressions

So far the website does not show too much of what it brags it’s going to become. You’ve got to forgive us as it’s a matter of time and we’re simply just starting – we’ll be revealing stuff as it gets created. Until now I was working on the Enigma’s model’s geometry only. I played a bit with textures and materials, but honestly there is a lot of work yet to be done. And I’ll take care of this soon probably. I’m planning to focus on the pure visual (non-structural, non-geometrical) part of the work in September – the last month of the modelling course that I participate in. But as You might guess there’s got to be something...

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What is it all about?

Isn’t the Internet already full of information, pictures, stories and other stuff about the Enigma? Well, the answer is of course – yes, it is. There are lots of resources and many people interested in the topic are adding new ones. As a matter of fact we decided to create a whole section devoted to this subject – the library. Of course You can easily do a simple Google search, but we’ll try to add a kind of structure to the set of links, possibly and hopefully with a wide description of its content. As You might have noticed there is an EDU part in this website’s URL, so as a decent (to be, hopefully) educational medium we want to...

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